Dec. 1988 The country government appointed the former Tamsui Junior High School principal, Mr. Mao-xiong, to establish Zheng De Junior High School.

Jul. 1993 School establishment and student recruitment were permitted. 13 classes with 580 students were recuited and Tamsui Junior High School office was borrowed temporarily.

Aug. 1993 Teachers and students moved back to Zheng De and the country government appointed the former Sanmin Junior High school director of General Affairs Office, Mr. Yi-yuan Yang, as the first principal.

Oct. 1999 Recommened as an experimental school of Program of Integrative System for Instruction, Discipline and Guidance by th Ministry of Education.

Aug. 2001 The second principalship was assumed by the former Taipei County Wanli Junior High School principal, Mr. Jing-kun Zhang.

Aug. 2004 Incorporated with Hsien Hsiao Junior High School and reorganized into "Zheng De Junior High School Hsien Hsiao campus"

Aug. 2005 The third principalship was assumed by the former Feng Zhu Junior and Elementary School principal, Ms. Shu-shu Li.

Sep. 2005 Pilot program "Teacher Professional Development Evaluation" for 3 years.

Aug. 2008 The fourth principalship was assumed by the former Sanmin High school director of Academic Affairs Office, Mr. Hao-ran Chen.

Apr. 2009 Awarded as the Taipei County "International Education Exchange Rainbow School"

Oct. 2010 School motto "Propriety, Justice, Integrity and Honor; Loyalty, Honesty, Diligence, Simplicity" formally revealed.

Aug. 2011 Hsien Hsiao Campus Cihui Class established.


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